I am here to compare club penguin with wizard101. They both are good games for younger kids. My younger brother has had a great time on both of these games. If you have a younger son or daughter that has gotten slightly bored on wizard101 I would highly recommend club penguin to them. Club penguin is a fun game that is played online. The character that you play as is a penguin. When you play you can play in amazing card game duels against other penguins, or you can go surfing on the coast with your pet puffle. There is so much that you can do in club penguin. Also you can play club penguin for free. Thats right its another free online game. So hopefully if this sounds interesting you will check it out. There is also a miniclip for club penguin so if you are wanting to look into it more then check out that miniclip.



Clothes Matter

Clothes, are they just for style, are they just for looks? NO They are for so much more.

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Clothes are what makes a wizard. Clothes can do a varity of things for you they can raise your base health or mana they can also give you additional strength and resistance. Clothes can make your wizard twice as good as he was before so make sure that you cheek out the clothes in the bazaar.

How to Get 2 Pips At the Start of a Battle

Well If you want to have to 2 pips at the start of a battle you are going to want to buy cloths that say that they give you a 5% chance of a silver pip. If you do that then at the start of any battle there will be a chance that you will get 2 pips instead of 1 pip. Also If you want to you can raise your chances even higher by buying more cloths that give  you a %. Hope this Helps.

Best Way To Level Up Fast

If you came to this page that means that you want to level up fast. Well I have came to answer this question for all of you people who are wondering, how to level up fast. There

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Best Way To Get Gold

Ok lots of people want to know what the best way to get large amounts of gold. After much consideration I have decided that the best way to get gold is to

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Crowns and Membership

Welcome to my lesson on crowns and Membership


Crowns are a type of currency but unlike gold they have to be purchased with out of game money. Crowns can be purchased on the Wizard101 webpage just log on to your account and go to

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Boss Drops(Pets)



Welcome to one of my favorite sections of the Website were you get to learn about boss drops and learn what bosses drop what stuff. We will be covering all the bosses all the way through Kropitopia. Which Is a area that you must purchase with Crowns. If you don’t know what Crowns are don’t worry because we will be covering that in another page.

Boss Drops are rare or unique Items that other enemy’s don’t drop.

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“In a time were Magic is needed the most magic is received.”

Welcome to the wizard 101 Fan Site, here is a new experience were you can find out use full things about A  magical game called Wizard 101. You can also come here to share any extra hints that you may know about the game.